With experience gained during the 8 years of racing I want to help you improve your lap times, enjoy the racing more and of course win the races!

I offer driving and race coaching that ranges from the basics of driving to last details needed for the fastest lap!

With my help you will improve lap times and gain consistency during the races.

All coaching is available in Assetto Corsa Competizione and Assetto Corsa.

Coaching is performed online. The coach and the customer are present on server and communication is done through Discord app. To take part in coaching you require good and stable internet connection, sound input and output devices and access to you desired game. The costumer should let me know about possible dates via e-mail: .

Special deals can be made for real life race coaching in real race cars can be made. More on this offer coming soon, but do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail.


Individual or group theoretical lecture on vehicle dynamics:
Highly recommended for less experienced drivers and also for good foundation for further coaching. Lecture can be performed for single person (price may vary) or for group. Lecture is set to guide you through basics of vehicle dynamics and help you understand basics terms. It is the best spring board for further, more advanced coaching. The lecture is approximately 60 min long. The level of lecture is adjusted according to knowledge level of costumers.

Price: 50€ (price is valid for group of any size)

Driving technique:

90-minute coaching session with emphasis on driving techniques in improving the understanding the vehicle dynamics in practice. This session is recommended mostly for people who already have some theoretical knowledge on vehicle dynamics. The focus is on practical understanding of vehicle dynamics and how to use different techniques in various situations. It is also focused on detailed driving tips. The session is performed on a track of customer’s wish in his favorite car. 

Price: 45 €

Track knowledge:

45 45-minute session with focus on getting to know every single detail of track to set the fastest lap time. Note that it is only available for tracks used in Assetto Corsa Competizione. It is performed by customer’s favorite car.

Price: 25 €

Car setup:

60-minute session intended to help the customer understand the basics of car setup and get the setup on practical example on the track and cars of costumer’s wish. This session is intended for drivers with good vehicle dynamics understanding as it goes hand in hand with car setup. The purpose is to get a good setup on one track and car and get the understanding to be able to do similar process in the future on your own.  

Price: 35 €